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A building contract is a legal agreement between the owner and builder of a residential or commercial building. The contract spells out the terms and conditions of the project, including time frames and payment. It is important that both parties have clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the contract, so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

Our solicitors help parties in the drafting and reviewing of building contracts, and have extensive experience in this area. As members of the Master Builders Association of South Australia, we have worked on many high-profile projects for developers and contractors.

We can also advise on the law relating to the construction and modification of buildings, including the rights and obligations of developers, contractors, and sub-contractors. We advise on disputes between these parties, including delays and defects in construction work.

Our advice is particularly relevant for those who are involved in large scale projects, such as:

  • Office blocks;
  • shopping centers; and
  • industrial complexes involving multiple contractors.