Wadlow Solicitors have over 40 years experience in Wills and Estate Planning. As a small, family-run firm, we offer thoughtful and personalised advice and service – we believe that a Will is an important legal document and should not be treated as a transaction.

Most Wills are straightforward, but circumstances can change, and an experienced lawyer can ensure that your legacy continues in exactly the way you intend.

Wills and Estate Planning

Do I need to update my Will?

It is important to ensure that your Will is kept up-to date, and ensure that you contact your solicitor if any of the following circumstances change since your last Will:

If your wishes or circumstances change, it is important to update your Will. Some of these circumstances include:-

  • If you change your address;
  • If your Executor changes their address;
  • If you change your name;
  • If anybody mentioned in your Will changes their name;
  • If one of your Executors becomes permanently ill, dies, shifts away, loses touch or becomes unsuitable;
  • If a Beneficiary dies;
  • If you have specifically left Property which you subsequently sell, give away, lose or which changes in nature;
  • If your family situation changes such as by the addition of unspecified children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nephews, nieces etc;
  • If a previously nominated beneficiary has become guilty of “disentitling behaviour”;
  • If you separate from or divorce your spouse;
  • If you marry after making this Will, it will be revoked by force of law unless it is expressed to have been made in contemplation of that marriage;
  • If you enter into a permanent relationship being a de facto marriage, common law marriage or have been in a relationship for a period of three years and are deemed to be a genuine domestic partner;
  • If special arrangements need to be made for any Beneficiary (whether infant or under disability);
  • If you wish to become an organ donor or donate your body for anatomical research.

We can help you with your Wills and Estate Planning. Contact us to speak with a Solicitor to discuss your situation.