A lease is a legally binding contract between a tenant and a landlord.
Lease agreements are documents that can be complex in nature and must be signed by both
the landlord and tenant. It is essential that all parties understand the terms of the contract
and read through it carefully.

An official lease should inform the lessee about:

  • a description of the space;
  • your rights;
  • your obligations and liabilities;
  • conditions which apply to your use of the space;
  • costs and duration of the lease & more.

Since leases have significant implications, it is common to use a solicitor’s service
to review any agreements before signing off. In addition, the person who
must write the lease may use a solicitor to go through the drafting process of the

If you are in need of any service pertaining to leasing, Wadlow Solicitors will help
you with reviewing, drafting and other special circumstances relating to your lease

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